Nest Camera App Hyperlink

Does anyone know the hyperlink to open Nest Camera app on Android it would be nice to open to a certain camera if not just open the app would work. Until I come up with a better option or new cameras

:tada: Nest Cam and Nest Hello video doorbell experimental support is now available! :tada:

Here’s what I could find.

  • app: Nest
  • package:
  • Launcher: com.obsidian.v4.activity.LoginActivity

Formatted as a Fully Link:


does this work on Chrome for Android or only Fully?

The formatted URL I posted above works in Fully, but doesn’t seem to work on Android 8.x and Chrome 68. I don’t know if there’s a format that works with Chrome, but I can look into it if that’s what you need?

The following works in Chrome and Fully on Android:


I don’t have a Nest Camera to test with at the moment, but you might also try to deep link to the camera. It looks like the format is:


Where stlJo6rH is your camera ID.

How can I get my camera’s ID? I tried using the public sharing ID but it didn’t work.


I don’t have an actual Nest cam to try with, but have you tried opening and then right clicking on a camera and copying the link? In my demo account, the link is in the format:

I believe the public sharing ID is different than the Camera ID which is used for deep linking. I’m not sure if the ID in the link above is the camera ID, but it’s worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I actually tried that first, but with no luck. It just opens to the main Nest screen. I’ve tried it on both of my cameras through Fully Kiosk Browser and chrome. I even tried to launch the intent URL directly with Tasker, No dice.


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Reviving an old topic I know but has anyone here found out how to get this working?
I knew I was going into a closed environment when I bought the Nest cam, but it’d be nice to get it to show up in a dashboard for sure.

Edit 1:
Welp, in a should have fiddled more moment I got some progress.
going to the public url and inspecting the source revealed a URL like this:<NUMBERS>&amp;width=560

That works. Now I need to try usernames and passwords.

Edit 2:
Just an image that doesn’t update until I refresh the browser.
Still tinkering.

Edit 3:
It seems like if you enable passwords on your streams flash is required, that seems terrible. I’m sure Sharptools doesn’t support a flash stream.

Edit 4:
So it seems like the method in step 1 is the best option without using something like TinyCam. I’ve personally had issues with TinyCam crashing so I’m not a huge fan. A refresh period is required.

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@josh what is the warning about when the media tile asks if you want to update a stream too fast?
Does this cost your servers resources or you money?
Trying to figure out where the concern is and how bad I should feel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The refresh is all handled in your browser, so it’s not touching the SharpTools servers. :slight_smile:

It’s more about the servers that you are getting your images from. With Nest, you’re likely paying them for access already, so that may be fair use… it was more a warning for people who might be grabbing images or weather from a third party site. For weather, it’s highly unlikely that someone would need to refresh any faster than maybe once every 30 minutes or so… we wanted to at least warn people that they might be hammering someone’s server who is serving them a free image. And the more you hammer someone’s server, the more likely they are to lock it down! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh, and thanks for sharing your findings on the Nest Camera snapshots!

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Haha yea I’m paying a somewhat reasonable fee, so let 'er rip!

No problem, glad to help when it’s easy!
It is public though, so I’m sure web crawlers are all over it by now…

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There’s live playback available when the stream is made public, right? It would be cool to use the JPG snapshot in a media tile and then use the new Open Hyperlink feature in the media tile to open the live stream URL directly when the tile is tapped. :sunglasses:

That’s a good idea!
On a less intelligent front, I was wondering, since I’m using the “cover” option for Media Scaling, when I click and it opens could it display the full image, not the cropped one?

But your idea sounds better honestly.

Edit1: ok so that works to put the URL in there under action → Open Hyperlink. But it’s not that nice modal display. Maybe not implemented here?

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Not yet, but as soon as I mentioned adding a Hyperlink I immediately thought the modal would be nice there. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Keith_Croshaw the latest platform release includes support for customizing the Link Action on Media Tile hyperlinks.

You can now choose between:

  • Open in New Window
  • Open in Same Window
  • Open in Modal

There’s a couple other cool features in the new release which you can find more about in the following post:


Ok bringing this back up.

I had luck digging for web code like Keith_Croshaw talked about. Was then able to set it up as a media tile, used a high refresh rate (I pay Nest a lot, I figure their servers can handle it).

Then was able to hyperlink it off that to the camera feed when clicking on the tile.

Really Cool!


(Let me start by saying I am a Mac guy, sorry)

When I get it all set up on my computer or tablets, it works perfect in Safari.

But as soon as I “add to home screen” and try and open that, the media frame is gone? I can still click it and bring me to the hyperlink.

I figure this is because Safari is storing the refresh link, and it is now gone once in the “home screen app”, but is there any work around?

Sorry if this makes little sense, my lingo is bad with all of this.

Is this using Add to Homescreen on the Mac or an iPad/iPhone?

Apple sandboxes the ‘Add to Homescreen’ browser quite a bit, so you may be right that something unique is going on there. Am I understanding correctly that you used the first approach @Keith_Croshaw mentioned with the public URL with a uuid parameter embedded in it?

That is correct about using uuid.

The problem is on both iPad and iPhone, and possibly even my Mac.

What I think is happening, if I don’t have the link open, in the browser I am running SharpTools, it kills the “image” on the media tile.

Now that I think about this, it makes perfect sense, I just created a direct link to that open tab.

Is there a work around?

Or am I wrong? I thought I had something cool going, but might be a mute point, I don’t won’t to keep my iPad mounted with full access to whomever might be around.