Nest Cam Home Assistant

Good Evening. Following MostlyChris instructions from YouTube, I was able to get the Google SDM API to work to successfully display my Nest Cameras on my Home Assistant dashboard. I shared the devices via the Home Assistant plug in to Sharp Tools hoping they would automatically be detected as a camera to display in my existing Sharp Tools dashboard, but the live stream was not an option to display on the tiles. With the experimental Nest Camera support, a public stream URL was required. I was hoping successfully connecting with the API via a supported platform would enable the stream to be displayed securely. Is there a way to create a media tile that displays the live stream that the native Home Assistant dashboard is displaying? Or is there another way to solve this that I am missing? Appreciate any guidance.

When I look at the camera devices synced from Home Assistant, I see the following commands available:

But when I go to the tile editor, I only see these choices:

@josh or @James - Am I missing something? Or to use the play stream command do you have to use a custom tile to do so?

Hi Barry-
The SharpTools Home Assistant connection doesn’t currently support camera entities. If I remember correctly, this ends up getting quite complicated depending on how your Home Assistant instance is setup along with how the video streams are setup.

As a side note, most people just end up running something like Blue Iris / Frigate / MotionEye / TinyCam and centralize their camera streams there. Then they can pull compatible streams for SharpTools straight from their video tool of choice. I suspect it’s not so simple for Nest cameras as they tend to make things more complex! :grimacing::laughing:

For some configurations, it’s as simple as just using the Home Assistant camera proxy API along with the short-lived token from the camera (which periodically changes) in an img tag in a Custom Tile:


There’s some added complexity of making sure you have a fresh camera token as it changes and if I remember correctly, this only works for certain camera configurations. I started playing with a concept around the RTSPtoWeb add-on, but didn’t get a chance to really dig into it.

If you end up finding a working solution, I would love to hear!

Thanks Josh!. As you may recall, I have been chasing this across platforms. I will definitely keep you posted as I find an end game.

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