Native gauges to display measurements in context of their ranges

Having gauges to display ranges / measurement is super helpful for items being measured along a scale, etc. like air quality (my example below)

--these are based on Google graphs from Hubigraph

Thanks Mark! So the idea would be that you could use any numeric Thing attribute in a gauge type tile, right? Probably applicable to SharpTools numeric variables as well.

Then perhaps some settings for adding a min/max and colored ‘ranges’ like shown in the screenshot?

:tada: Update: Check out the new Gauge Custom Tiles!

Legacy Hubitat Only API version (tap to expand)

With the release of Custom Tiles, we put together a proof-of-concept Gauge tile for Hubitat. It requires importing the custom tile and using the Hubitat Maker API, but it might be a good fit for some depending on your needs!

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exactly. in my use I had to flip the g/y/r order since the awair device uses higher numbers for ‘good’ but AQI scale is opposite. As you can see the major ticks don’t line up with the color g/y/r as they want to be equal sections (/5 or /6) while the color ranges are not equal

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This could work for temperature also …!! I have no more votes… =(

You could always unvote for something else to free up a vote! I was at my vote limit, so I unvoted for something else to move my vote here. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can filter to the list of items you voted on by tapping the ‘My Votes’ filter at the top of the Feature Requests category… or by clicking the following link:

Ha! Yes, the google gauge

Used to have these on the old ThingsSpeak site several years ago before I had a hub to display arduino data. Would be great as you said with SharpTools generating them based on a numerical value with full customizations.

With the release of Custom Tiles, we put together a proof-of-concept Gauge tile for Hubitat.

:timer_clock: Hubitat Gauge Tile - Custom Tile PoC

It requires importing the custom tile and using the Hubitat Maker API, but it might be a good fit for some depending on your needs!

Can I somehow get these to work with smartthings? Really like the idea of gauge style temperature tile for my huge water heater.

I dont think there is an easy way for smartthings attributes in custom tiles but this feature request would fix that.
Make “Custom Tiles” have access to platform resources like Variables and Things - Feature Requests - SharpTools Community

Latest updates on gauge custom tiles, hubitat only:
Hubitat Gauge Tile - Community Projects - SharpTools Community

I used Home assistant wich has some great gauges.
Would love to see some similar in Sharptool <3


Yes, please add a standard gauge tile that can be used with the Homey integration. One use case is showing the State of Charge of a battery (0-100%). Other use case is showing power usage (e.g. from -2000W to +7000W)


I was wondering if it’s possible to have the gauge face black instead of white. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m missing something. Were gauges ever added? I also like the Home Assistant style gauges @Gisle_Johnsen referenced. In may current use case i’m looking for a gauge to indicate the waste level in my Litter Robot.

If you are part of the beta group, we’ve put together a couple of new Gauge Tiles powered by the new Custom Tiles: Access to Things and Variables feature that’s in development!

:tada: Update: this is now released to production - check out my reply further below in the thread!

If you’re part of the beta group, be sure to check out the following link for more details on how to try out these custom tiles:

[BETA] Custom Tiles: Access to Things and Variables

I would still love your feedback based on these designs!

One of the reasons we decided to tackle the ‘Custom Tiles: Access to Things and Variables’ feature request first is we knew it would enable us to play with prototyping ideas to gather clarifying feedback.

In this case, Native Gauges is one of the most popular feature requests… but there’s not a whole lot of detail to the request other than “Having gauges to display ranges / measurement”.

Are there any other critical requirements other than the following settings?

  • Min / Max values
  • Colored Static Ranges

Whoa! I’ll definitely take a look at this when I get some time.

Thanks Josh.

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:tada: The Gauge Custom Tiles are now available in production!

:link: Gauge Custom Tiles - Arc and Radial Gauges

I would still love to hear feedback from anyone who voted on this feature request or is otherwise interested in Gauges. Does an arc gauge with the option to specify min-max and optionally specify static color ranges cover your needs?

We would love to make this a native platform feature, but haven’t had a lot of feedback on specific requirements. Now that we have a working example with the Gauge Custom Tiles, it would be great to confirm what’s critical and what’s nice-to-have.