Nanoleaf Scenes

Is it possible to call Nanoleaf scenes either directly or via the Home Assistant connection ?

All the scenes are exposed in HA and I can call them direct from there, but I want to create buttons/triggers in Sharptools that set all the Hue’s in a room and all the Nanoleafs to certain scenes at the same time ( and they are not just solid colour scenes on the Nano’s so I cant just use a setcolour)

Are these light.shapes_wall and light.shapes_window the nanoleaf devices or the scene entities created in HA? I am curious if how nanoleaf scene is integrated into HA, and I may be able to come up with a better suggestion if you can help me understand the nanoleaf scenes in HA better.

They are the Nanoleaf Entities,

in HA I would select them as entities

Then under lighting effect add the Scene name (which is stored on the Nanoleaf itself)

When you look at all the attributes on a set of panels under developer you can see all the scenes it has ‘found’ on the Nanoleafs. You can then use any one of these in the effect box to call the Nanoleafs to run that scene.

To connect the Nanoleafs im using a built in Integration


@Andy_Taylor, thanks for the additional details. Can you create a scene in HA to set the effect for the Nanoleaf entities? Sorry I don’t have a device that supports effects around me to test at this point. But my idea is to see if you can set effect in HA scene. and if yes, you can authorize this scene to SharpTools to be triggered by tapping or rule.

Configuration → Automations & Scenes → select Scenes at top, then create a new scene. In the scene editor, set the Nanoleaf’s current effect.

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Hey James, sorry for the late reply

Yes is the answer, just setup a HA scene with 3 Nanoleaf sets and set the scene to use on each and saved it.

Triggering the scene activates the correct scene on each one.

Also just updated to 1.03 and I see all the Nanoleaf entity effects are coming in now (as well as a bunch of other stuff). Couldnt figure out how to call then in an automation though even though they are in the device drop down.

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That’s awesome. Do you mind sharing the screenshots of your scenes so others who are interested in this can learn from this thread as well.

Setting the light effect in the dashboard/rule engine directly is not currently supported, but I’d encourage you to post a feature request with the detailed use case, so we can track and collect the interests, which is one of the keys determining our task priorities. :wink:

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