My Virtual Switches for Alexa Routines and Smartthings changed and no longer work

A few years ago, I found a way to create a Smartthings virtual switch that doubles as a sensor so that it can trigger Alexa routines. I found this work around when Echo Speaks was retired, removed, or otherwise unable to use for the sake of modernizing. Anyway, In the past 48 hours, I noticed on my Smartthings App that these virtual switches no longer have the ability to turn on and off and look like virtual sensors only. Is there a forum or a solution to create the double virtual switches/sensors that can trigger Alexa routines? By the way, has anyone else noticed Alexa routines are getting less responsive?

I am finding more and more a lot of my automation is breaking more and more as updates to Smartthings and Alex have been coming and was very happy with my routines, but am finding less options to keep my routines running with more and more updates.

Please help!

If you have a ST hub. See the following solution.

Sounds like @Paul_Oliver has you pointed in the right direction with a community developed Edge Driver that works well with Alexa.

Paul also compiled a nice list in this reply with a few other options:

:link: Am I missing something-Virtual Switches - #2 by Paul_Oliver

I thought I had moved all my impacted devices over to Edge Drivers and I was surprised to find some of my Virtual Switches not working this week… even after posting a reminder on our Facebook page. :flushed:

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