Multipurpose Sensor Acceleration as Tile

Hi- is there a way to add a tile in sharptools that shows when an acceleration event has occurred for the ST multipurpose sensor?

Hi @hoops129 - welcome to the community.

You can use the Hero Attribute layout to display data from your Multipurpose Sensor.

Thanks. I see there’s also multiple attributes that I can add so a combiniation of hero layout with adding both attibutes worked. But now I’m wondering if I can add 2 tiles for the same device so I can highlight different attributes?

Yes, you can add the same Thing to your dashboard multiple times.

(Or you can tap the ... in the top right corner of the tile while editing and choose Copy to make a copy of it. This is particularly helpful if you’ve applied a number of customizations to an existing tile)

Ah, didn’t see the copy on the menu. The check boxes confused me when adding a new tile because I thought it meant it’s already been added, but indeed you can click on it again to add another.

The only thing that bothers me now is that when I added the 2nd tile to show the acceleration of the multipurpose sensor, the active vs inactive color is following the contact sensor (so both tiles turn red when contact sensor opens, but the acceleration doesn’t change the color). Also, is there a way to “latch” the acceleration state so it stays active (once it’s activiated) until the tile is pressed for example?

@hoops129 You can set the the Active/Inactive color change to be based on a different attribute in the Hero tile’s editor modal.

You can use a True/False variable and a rule to achieve this, and here are the steps:

  1. Create a True/False variable. Ex: $isAccActive
  2. Create a rule to set $isAccActive variable to true when acceleration is detected
  3. Add this tile to the dashboard and customize the True/False states’ color & icon as needed
    So when acceleration is detected, it will turn red in this example, and I can toggle its value back to False to bring the tile to “inactive” state by tapping this tile.

Pretty slick. Now I just need to mount Fire tablets throughout my house :slight_smile: But biggest issue I’ve heard is that you don’t always want to keep those powered 24/7 for risk of battery heat.


Having a bit of a problem, I’m sure it’s because i’m so new to this. I created the rule to set the variable to true when acceleration is active. But when I go to add the tile to my dashboard, I select the rule that I created to set the variable, my tile editor looks different to change the colors. I just see a default color and active color. I don’t see the boolean states screen you show above for True and False colors.

When I tried it my way, I don’t see the tile change when I activate the acceleration. And clicking the tile does nothing either.

I actually have mine powered 24/7 for the past 2.5 years, and didn’t have any issue. You may also be interested in checking out @Justin_Newbury’s video of his wall mounted dashboard setup.

You should add the variable to the dashboard, not the rule. (The rule tile allows you to execute the rule manually by tapping the tile.) See the screenshot below.

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