Multiple Triggers for single rule...."or" or "and"

If I have 2 separate Triggers for a single rule, do those triggers act as an “And” statement or an “or” statement? The verbiage “When any of the following state change or timer event occur” makes me think it is an “Or”

See attached image. I want my rule to execute if either of these relays is turned on…(or both…if both just happen to be on at the same time).

The way I have it is that the rule will execute if Relay 1 OR Relay 2 are turned on…correct?

Question part 2: Assuming the above assumption that this is treated as an “or”, what happens if the Relay 1 is switched on, and then say 5 seconds later relay 2 is switched on. Will the rule run twice simultaneously with one running just a few seconds behind the other, or will it start all over?

Triggers occur when any of the events occur. In other words, it’s “OR”.

Yes, the rule will be triggered when any of the events occur and start executing the flow.

If you wanted to prevent the flow from running while it was already running, you could create a True/False variable and use that as a top-level condition in your rule to determine if it should run or not. You would set the variable to true at the start of the inner execution and back to false at the end.

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Super Helpful!

I haven’t done any true/false variables in SharpTools yet, but I’m confident I’ll figure it out!

As always, yall are the best!