Multiple Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alerts on Three SmartThings Devices

I have recently purchased the “First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector”. It integrates very nicely into the SmartThings system. I have located my detector near my wood burning stove in my basement. Because our bedroom is located on the second level, I have set up a routine within SharpTools that will trigger two additional smart devices in the event that smoke or carbon monoxide is detected by the First Alert detector. First it triggers my bedroom echo device in my second floor bedroom to verbally announce that “Smoke or CO has been detected”. It also triggers my Dome Siren which is in my first floor living room. I wanted to ensure I was notified in case there was a trigger event in the middle of the evening while we were asleep. If our family is in not home the SharpTools routine sends me a texts indicating that that the detector was triggered. A phone call would be better but I haven’t figured out how to accomplish that setup.

Buy the way, to enable your echo devices to be used in SharpTools you must install the Echo Voice app. Once the Echo devices are available with in SmartThings, SharpTools can discover them and you can use the devices within your SharpTools routines.

I produced a video describing the SharpTools rule setup HERE