Multiple panels and other Platform integration

A couple of further quick questions before I set off on my SharpTools journey.
In the “Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboard” category there are examples of users with more than one dashboard. For example a main “Home” dashboard and then one for sensors one for lights another for video streams etc. Are these separate dashboards on different devices or can you create more than one dashboard per device (a bit like multiple desktops in Linux)? If the latter how do you access the other desktops/ Can you swipe across the screen to the next browser?? window or is by using shortcuts on the first dashboard.
Secondly I am aware you can link to Smartthings, Hubitat and other well known platforms but what about less well known or proprietary ecosystems such as eWelink? For example Tuya integrates with Smartthings but only indirectly via a cloud account. Can you link directly to eWelink, Tuya, Sonoff or other platforms. Also in the UK we use Heatmiser which is a system primarily for controlling underfloor heating. Is it possible to integrate this type of system or do they have to have released an API or compatible cloud account?
Many thanks

Similar to using shortcuts as you mentioned.

After you’ve created another dashboard, when you go to add a tile to your original dashboard, you can expand the Dashboards section which will add a tile that acts something like a “shortcut” as you alluded to.

You would need to connect those ‘other’ devices into one of the platforms supported by SharpTools: SmartThings, Homey, Home Assistant, Hubitat.

From the SharpTools side of things, in order for us to consider adding a native integration with a platform, they must have an official public API. From there, you can create a feature request and if there’s enough community interest that gets the ball rolling.

If they have an unofficial API, you may be able to integrate it with one of our supported platforms. The communities of each of the official platforms we support are quite active and I’m always surprised the number of community drivers that are available for each.