Multiple locks and actions in one rule

I have a rule where if a lock is unlocked for 1 minute between the hours of 11PM and 7AM relock it.

Is there a way to have one rule that has the same actions for 4 locks?

@Scunny there are a couple ways to do this. The first one is to create multiple triggers when any lock left unlocked for 1 minute. Use If_Condition to check the time in the flow, and basically lock all locks. Please note that this is not exactly the same as you described in your scenario, but this is the easiest way to ensure either one will be locked. However, if two were unlocked seconds apart, this rule can be triggered and lock both of them in the same time, instead of waiting for the 2nd one’s 1 minute due. See screenshot below.
Example rule ( I used light, instead of lock from your scenario but the concept is the same.)

The 2nd way is to add nested If_Conditions after checking the time in the flow, and check each individual lock if it has been unlocked for the past 1 minute; if so, then lock it. This will do what you asked for, but as you can imagine, the multiple If_Condition may not look very pleasant. :yum:

However, we are still working on the “variable” feature design, and this can be a perfect use case to do action (lock) to whatever device (lock) which triggered this rule, and keep the flow clean and easy.

Thanks James. I noticed you used 2 time conditions, 1 before and 1 after. I used the between time condition. Is there a preferred way on this?

If you want to check if it’s from 11pm to next day 7am, you’d use “after 11pm or before 7am” since that crosses the midnight and becomes the next day.