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I have 2 Hubitat C7s that are working properly for quite some time and I decided to use Sharptools for my GUI. I followed the directions (I think) but it doesn’t seem as if I cannot add both Hubitat hubs. I can load one hub via the radio button selector but when I go to add the second hub it deletes the first hub (or replaces it). I just upgraded to a premium account and logged out and back in again.




There have been a few requests. This is the larger thread

@Joe_Palovick, are those two hubs located in the same home (same network)? If so, you can use the built-in Hub Mesh app to sync all the devices to the “primary hub”, and then connect SharpTools to this primary hub, which will expose the devices from both hubs.

Otherwise, you can use HubConnect to sync the devices from a remote hub to the “primary” one, and the idea is similar to above that you will be able to see devices from both hubs when connecting SharpTools to the primary one.

See below for more detailed discussion.

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