Multifactor authentication

Hi Sharptools team.

I think In 2020 multifactor authentication sould be a standard… if anyone gets into any account they can simply disarm my home/ office / business…

Would it be a feature that will be added down the road?? At least for the pro plan ?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for posting, @Kal_Unga! You can use a Google account to login to SharpTools and leverage the multifactor options that are available with a Google account.

I’ve noted the request around Multifactor Authentication (MFA/2FA) for our other login types as well. User feedback is a key part of our prioritization process, so I’ll leave this thread open so other users can provide their feedback and comment with their interest.

Good point regarding using Google account. I will definitely use that then. But will my legacy email account authentication be deactivated then ? Can I switch it over to Gmail and still have my dashboards ?

If you ‘link’ a Google account to your existing SharpTools account from your SharpTools User Page while you already have an email/password, it will leave both login methods on your account.

If you try a fresh login to with a Google account that exactly matches an existing email/password account, it will replace the existing email login leaving just the Google login (along with all your dashboards in place).