Multi-state across tiles

I have a parent device that has three child devices that are switches. The parent manages the switches such that only one switch can be on at a time. For example, if you ‘turn on’ A, then B and C go off. If you ‘turn on’ B, then A and C go off.

Is there anyway to have a switch tile change to the Active color instead of glow?

Is there a capability I can implement that would make this work? It’s technically a ‘MediaController’ with three activities, but it didn’t appear that there was a special tile for MediaController yet, so I implemented it as a parent with three child switches.

@Jason_Dossett thanks for posting!

Switch tiles should automatically change color based on the switch being on/off as long as colors are applied (either at the individual tile level or at the dashboard level).

By default, the tile doesn’t have any coloring applied to it, but will glow when it turns on. In the following video, I disable the glowing on the tile and apply an Active and Default color.

What’s the desired effect you are looking for? If you want to add each of the individual child switches to the dashboard and show the status of each, that’s possible today.

It sounds like if Switch A was already on and you tapped to turn on Switch B, the parent device would take care of just allowing one switch on at a time.

Or is the goal to have a single tile that lets you pick which ‘switch’ (activity) could be activated from a pop-up menu or something similar?

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Well, that’s embarrassing, it’s now working as expected. My parent device must not have been working right when I tested the colors, but it’s working now. Thanks!