Multi sensors not changing state

I’ve never used a Smartthings multi sensor on a dashboard before today. I’ve added several and none update to open/closed state although they do in SmartThings. I did have one that had fallen offline because of battery and when I added a new battery it works. I’ve reauthorized the SmartThings account and devices as well.

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected.

Would you mind sharing some screenshots of what you’re seeing in SmartThings and SharpTools? What tile layout are you using?

I’m using the same layout, Contact Sensor Tile. Both sensors were open when the screenshots were taken.

SmartThing Screenshot Dashboard Icons

I sent you a PM to gather a few details and see if we can help troubleshoot.

Hi Josh, I recreated another dashboard and the problem sensor is now functioning properly.

Thanks for taking the time over your weekend to help me solve this problem.

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