Move ‘hero attribute' tile == “Stack all tiles in single column” on iOS

Methinks I’ve tripped over a bug. I can repeat it at will. End result is my perfectly arranged tiles are in one single vertical column, left aligned. If I try to fix it it gets worse. Recovering is muy painful.

My guess is you’re already aware of this. If not, here’s how this happens.

On my perfectly arranged groups of tiles I add one more, for a motion sensor with temp and humidity. I change the layout to Hero and set the primary attribute to Humidity.

I then go to move the tile, but it just moves a bit and stops mid-move. Adhering to the school of “did you try turning it off and back on?” I do a save. That’s when all of the tiles arrange themselves into one long left-aligned column. SharpTools then ‘helpfully’ adds a gadzillion spacer tiles in all of the other visible tile spaces. Now I’m kind of screwed.

After this happened, and I painfully clawed my way back to goodness, I’ve only played with this suspected bug on other dashboards with names like Test01 and Test02.

Heard of this? Know a solution? Know what’s going on?

This has happened to me as well. That blank dashed border tile which becomes unmovable is a sign trouble is coming

@Scott_Farnsworth. Can you please drop an email to with the url to this dashboard? I’d like to see if we can replicate the settings and reproduce this issue in our end for further investigation. Additionally, can you reproduce this same issue on different browsers and devices? Or please let us know the specific device model, browser, and OS version if this only occurs on a specific device. Thanks.

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For the record, for those of you who have had (are having) this issue, here’s where we are…

James and I are working this ‘off-line’. I’m able to reproduce this issue at will on my iPad Pro 11" iOS 14.3 on both the Safari and Chrome browser. I can not recreate this on my MacBook Air.

It seems to be related to switching a tile to Hero Attribute type and then trying to move it, but doesn’t seem to matter which attribute is being displayed.

If you have this problem the first indication of trouble will be a frozen, partially moved tile. When this happens it’s recommended that you fully close the browser or app (and then reopen). This will unfreeze the tile and avoid additional problems.

If, instead, you do a Save the tiles will appear to be stacked in a single column on the left. They’re not really, but that’s now the browser is displaying them.

If you THEN (without fully closing/reopening the browser/app) do another save (e.g. if you’re trying to “fix” this), while the tiles are appearing this way, then ST will add in lots of blank spacer tiles which are hard/laborious to remove. Closing/reopening the browser/app at this point won’t help.

Hope this helps. Hopefully James will be able to reproduce this bug and find a fix.

Update 26 Jan 2021: James has fixed and I’ve tested on the Beta site and James says this should be rolled out later this week (if I’m recalling correctly).

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That’s right! The fix for the Hero Attribute ‘ghost’ tile in in beta and we are targeting to roll it out to everyone this week. :slight_smile:

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