Motion sensor won't trigger off when inactive for X

The rule shown in the image will trigger an on state, but it will not trigger an off state on my devices.

If anyone has any suggestions for how I might resolve this, I’d be very grateful.

The implementation (or lack thereof) of delay seems to have no impact, either does selecting the individual lights in ‘Bathroom’ to be turned off - which is an area from Hue B Smart.

Thanks for sharing the screenshot, Matt! This is usually best accomplished with two rules.

Rule 1: Bathroom Sensor Active

Motion Sensor - Motion changed to Active

Bathroom: on()
Fan: on()

Rule 2: Bathroom Sensor Inactive for 1 minute

Motion Sensor - Motion stays Inactive for 1 minute

Bathroom: off()
Fan: off()

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Gotcha! Thanks Josh. I’ll give it a go now and report back :slight_smile:

That worked a charm! Thanks again for your help!