Motion sensor alerts

I have several motion sensors around the exterior of my home. I’d like to create a rule that would notify me when any of them see motion. Is it possible for one rule to do this and the Pushover notification to include which sensor is alerting? Thanks!


Add all motion sensors change to motion.


If motion sensor 1 - motion - is - active then push notification with motion sensor 1.

Repeat the if statement for all motion sensors added in the trigger.

Hope this helps.

@Jake_Mohl_ehoba’s approach could work in this case, but may not be accurate if multiple motion sensors are triggered during the same period.

You can also use the context variable to get the triggering device name in the pushover message too. See the help article below:

But you may want to add extra condition(s) in your rule to avoid the false notifications though. The outdoor motion sensors may pick up a lot false motions.

@James those are interesting. I’ve never looked into that section of the rules. I can definitely see how you can use that for this instance.


It should be something looks like this.:grinning:


Thanks guys, I’m going to give the context variable design a try!

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