Motion rules- How can I do this

Hi all,
I have a rule to turn on undermount lights in my kitchen when motion is detected, and it turns off automatically after a few mins.
My problem is this: I want to turn the lights on from my dashboard and have it not turn off until I ‘turn the rule back on’.

How can I do this?

kitchen motion|484x500

You can create a True/False variable - kitchenLEDOn and a rule to turn the light on/off based on this variable’s value.

Trigger: when kitchenLEDOn value is changed to True, or when it is changed to False
Flow: If kitchenLEDOn is True, turn the light on, else turn the light off.

Then add this variable to the dashboard so you can tap it to turn the light on/off and set the icon/color based on its value accordingly. Then in your original rule, add an IF_Condition and only automatically turns off the light when kitchenLEDOn value is False, which means the light has not been turned on manually previously.

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