Motion Detection rule will not fire

At first I thought it was something to do with the thermostat, which is what I’m trying to control. But I have simplified it just to the trigger and sending a notification (eMail\Text) and I never get either. Both Sharptools and Smartthings indicate there is motion so that is not the issue.

@Gary_Milne, sorry that the rule wasn’t triggered for you. I looked into the log again per our conversation in the support ticket, and I actually found a bug where the trigger caching mechanism doesn’t update the value in specific scenario, and I’ve created a bug item in the our list. Meanwhile, I manually refreshed this particular trigger’s cache, can you please try again if this rule is triggered when motion is detected now?

Yes James that worked. So that is a per trigger one off fix that you did right, because I noticed other ones that did not fire. But don’t worry about those, as long as I know the bug is on the list that is all I care about.

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Yes, James manually reenabled that one particular rule on your account.

He found a bug that when a rule is disabled and then re-enabled, a cached value isn’t being updated as expected so the rule doesn’t actually get re-enabled for processing right away. (Over time, the cache will get cleared and the rule gets properly re-enabled).

He’s working on putting together a hotfix. Thanks again for the report and apologies for any inconvenience. :slight_smile:

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@Gary_Milne, I’ve deployed a hotfix to take care of this rule trigger cache bug. Thanks again for reporting and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks James. I’m looking forward to having a log capability but adding SMS messages is an O.K. workaround for now. I may hit you up about another rule but let me do a little more testing first.