Modify CSS for individual dashboard

Modifying base CSS of…is this possible? If so, what is best method?

What specific customization are you hoping to accomplish with custom CSS? We may change the DOM structure with future updates and thus have no short-term plans to officially support custom CSS. We are looking at further options around dashboard and tile customizations though, so it’s helpful to understand your functional goal of customizing the CSS to see if there are enhancements we can make to the core customization capabilities. :smiley:

That being said, some people have used third-party browser add-ons to customize the CSS and have come up with some pretty cool designs.

Source: Share your cool SharpTools project! - #40 by Tim, post 40


@josh - I saw that , but not quite sure how that guy changed it. Am sure there is some extension, but using Chrome dev tools it is not properly structured as a dom tree as I would think it should be with each element delectable per the dev tools.

Is there anywhere else further you can reference on this?

Thanks much.

Just to preface, the DOM structure and classes are subject to change. We don’t officially support CSS customizations, so proceed at your own peril. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what you mean as there is a hierarchy defined in the DOM structure. There’s typically a main div with the class .tile as well as a class representing the type of device (eg. .switch, .switch-level, .button) then under that are divs/spans for holding key tile information eg. .title, .main-content, .footer. Inside your .main-content you’ll typically find the .icon. Inside the .footer you’ll typically find supplemental information and extra actions. Again, this DOM structure may change with future updates.

I believe some people are using third-party browser plugins to accomplish this. We aren’t officially supporting this since we might change the structure/classes in the future, so I don’t have any particular guidance.

If there is a specific thing you’d like to see customized, it would be awesome if you could share examples as it might be something that could be built into the core customization engine! :smiley:

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