MJPEG Stream - Amazon Fire 10HD

Hi All,

I’m having an issue with getting the MJPEG stream from my Hikvision IP camera playing on the Amazon Fire 10. It works fine on my Mac but it just won’t show at the tablet…I´m using Fully Kiosk Browser btw. Any tips for me? Thanks

What format are you using for the URL? Is the username/password embedded in the URL?

From the How do I add video/images to a SharpTools dashboard article:

Does your camera have a URL like the following?


Some browsers have begun blocking embedded media items with the username/passwords included in the URL. If your camera uses this format and your media tiles aren’t working, see the supporting article for more details and suggested workarounds.

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Thanks Josh, nope no username or password in the URL that I’m using…

Here is the URL that I’m using: http://xx.x.x.xxx:xx/Streaming/Channels/102/httpPreview

What happens when you open that URL directly in the browser on the tablet?

I get an error saying: Request Refuse: cgi integrate function is disabled

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It also works in Sharptools on my phone using chrome…hmm. strange?


That message would be coming directly from the camera / NVR, so it sounds like something isn’t right on that end.

Based on a quick Google search it seems like it’s a common error message from the camera

Enable the setting:
Network->Advanced Settings->Integration Protocol for CGI


That is odd that it would work on your phone and Mac, but not on the Fire tablet. Are you accessing it the same way on all three devices?

Yep, just activated cgi and it started to work on my phone. No it’s not the same way using Chrome on my phone, so I’m thinking it could be the Fully Browser that is causing the issue?

I think I have found the problem: downloaded fully on my phone and the same problem occurs. Seems like Fully is the problem, must be a setting don’t you think?

Very interesting. Thanks for the additional details.

Does it work with the “Silk” browser built into the Fire tablet?

I use MJPEG streams on my Fire HD tablets and didn’t remember having to enable any particular settings in Fully Kiosk Browser… though you are right that there are a ton of settings and perhaps one of them is impacting things. :thinking:

For example, here’s a screenshot of Fully on my phone that I just tested against a public MJPEG feed:

Perhaps you could try the same MJPEG feed and see if that one works?

Yep that stream works in fully on my phone, will test it on the tablet now…2 sec

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And it works on the Amazon Fire tablet…

I got it to work with sharing the path from my Synology NAS, so ti’s all good now for me :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you got it working!

Hi @Lars_Magnus_Lillebek, glad to hear you got it working. Interested to know if the path is from Synology Surveillance Station, or something else? Thanks.

Hi @James, your correct it’s from Synology Surveillance Station.