Missing Homey 'contact' attribute in Super Tiles

i add a door contact from Homey. In dashboard nothing problem but in Super Tiles the value for door contact are:

  • Battery
  • BatteryAlarm
  • Motion instead CONTACT

Hi Matteo-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Can you please share some screenshots of what you are seeing?

It would be helpful to see an example of the device tile you are seeing in the dashboard compared to what you are seeing in the Super Tile… as long as it’s the same exact device, it should expose the same attributes.

You can also view the attributes / capabilities that have synced over for your device by:

  1. Open your SharpTools User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to your Homey location
  3. Scroll down and tap on your device
  4. View the ‘Capabilities’ and ‘Attribute Values’ sections

In dashboard

In super tile

Can you create a sample dashboard with just the device and your Super Tile in it and send the URL to support@sharptools.io so I can take a closer look at the configuration?

done! Thank you for your support

It looks like a bug with the attribute declarations. I’ll take a look when I’m back in the office as I suspect it should be a simple fix (though it will require you to resync your devices to bring in the fix):

Hi @Matteo - we have just released an update that fixes the problem with Homey ‘Contact Sensor’ devices being synchronized with the wrong attribute, motion.

To fix this, you need to reauthorize your devices in the SharpTools Homey App. This will sync the correct attribute, contact, to your Super Tiles. After that, you should be able to use the contact attribute as expected.

Thank you. Now it works!