Minoston Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug

Anyone using this Z-Wave Outlet?

I’ve had good success with it with the combination of SmartThings AND WebCoRE. I have one in a greenhouse that also works as a great Z-Wave “extender”. The problem I’m having is I have created a SharpTools Tile for this device. The device is actually “OFF”, but the tile indicates it is “ON”. If I toggle the Tile, it will change to “OFF”, BUT it adds a little exclamation icon next to “OFF”. If I refresh the dashboard, it changes to “ON” I understand from other posts that this is because its state is “something other than what is expected”. There is no “Type” to select in the SmartThings drop-down for this outlet. I’ve tried several different “Types”. All doing the same thing.

Is there a way to make this device report correctly?

EDIT: It shows correctly in the SmartThings App, and in the IDE. Is this a Tile issue?

So when you say that it “shows correctly in the SmartThings App”, does that mean it’s working properly? In other words, can you use the SmartThings app to turn a load plugged into the device on and off, and does the SmartThings app properly reflect the on/off status?

Is this device using an Edge driver or a DTH? When you say “There is no “Type” to select in the SmartThings drop-down for this outlet” I’m guessing that is in the IDE. Are there no entries to pick from or are you just not finding the proper one for that device. BTW, if you are using an Edge driver, I’d stay out of the IDE for those devices, as reportedly that can cause issues.

SharpTools simply picks up the device’s status from SmartThings. The warning means the command couldn’t be completed, so at least for this device, SharpTools is not properly communicating with SmartThings.

If you have had your SharpTools account for some time, have you migrated it to the Next-Gen platform?

Yes. SmartThings does turn it ON and OFF, AND it shows the correct status of the device in the SmartThings App. and in the IDE.

No Edge Driver. DTH… There is no DTH for this device that I can find. I’ve been using the Z-Wave Switch Generic for over a year. The only issue I have is now that I’m converting to SharpTools, I have this tile that is not behaving correctly.

Just switched to SharpTools a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t know if I’m on the Next-Gen Platform. Sorry

This would normally be one of my main questions too – at least for devices with custom attributes since they must be on an Edge driver for those custom attributes to get picked up in the next-gen connection.

For a normal switch device, I would not have expected it to cause an issue, but I suppose it’s possible.

If @JKB121 wanted to give it a try, they could try moving the device over to an Edge driver to see if that resolves things. I would have expected that the system should be able to get the status of the switch even if it’s on a legacy DTH though. :thinking:

I’ve just gone through the list of “drop down” options for DTH in the IDE. I’ve found one that both “works” and “resolves” the Tile issue. I’ve had to do this in the past with other “no name” devices just to make them work. This Tile thing was a new issue for me.

With all this talk about “Edge Drivers”, is this something I need to worry about soon? I’m hoping I have time to get familiar with SharpTools before I need to learn anything else… Uggh…

SmartThings is going to start the process of automatically migrating people from DTHs to Edge Drivers on October 15th and that process should run through December 31st, 2022. Only time will tell if SmartThings sticks to those dates, but if you already have a device working, you should have until December 31st when they are targeting to shut down their Groovy platform altogether. That being said, they plan on starting to shut down features in the IDE on October 15th as well, so if you have to onboard new devices or edit the type of devices, you might not be able to manually change their types in the IDE anymore – that might force your hand on Edge Drivers as well. :slight_smile:

That’s the whole reason I’m moving to SharpTools, but didn’t realize the DTH was involved. Now that I’m thinking about it, I guess that is part of Groovy. I hope to have my last 50 Pistons converted (and tested) in the next week. I have several that are going to require some extensive thought.

So far the help here has been fantastic!