Minimum color temperature?

I may be missing something, but the color temperature sliders on my Hue bulb tiles only go down to 2700. I need them to go down to 1800 (which is a value I can set the bulbs to in webcore or other apps).

Is there a way to set the minimum and maximum slider values for the color temp? If not, there really, REALLY needs to be. :slight_smile:

What type of device is it? If the device reports a supported color temperature range, that’s what’s used for setting the slider range.

Edit: just realized you said Hue bulb. Is this on SmartThings or Hubitat? Which device handler or driver is being used?

For reference, the optional colorTemperatureRange attribute is what is used for determining the range and it’s a string in the format 2200...7000 otherwise the slider defaults to 2700-7000K if the device doesn’t report a range.

Hubitat, built in Hue app and standard device driver.

How do I access/use the colorTemperatureRange attribute?

It’s only available if the device driver implements it and I don’t think the Hue driver on Hubitat does.

You could ask the Hubitat team if they would be willing to add the attribute to the driver - I don’t think I’ve seen it in Hubitat drivers as commonly as I have on SmartThings. You could also create a SharpTools feature request for this. I guess it would be to override the min/max color temperature range on the Color Temperature tile?

Alternatively, you can use SharpTools rules - for example, you could create a rule for setting a desired preset value and then add that rule to your dashboard for one tap control of that setting (even setting multiple lights if desired).

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I think that would be ideal and simple…at least from a user perspective. Just a couple of fields that pop up when editing a tile, when the action is set to color temperature.

I can think of a few use cases right off the top of my head where it would be nice to have a custom range for color temperature.

I already have pistons in WebCore that set the color temp for all ambient bulbs (i.e. “SetColorTempCandle”, “SetColorTempBright”, “SetColorTempCold”, etc., using virtual switches.

But, I’d like to get rid of the 7 virtual switches on my dashboard and just use a single slider control…but can’t if it doesn’t accurately cover the range of my bulbs.

Since Hue is the most common bulb (I assume, and probably by a large margin)…why would the slider not default to the Hue range if the colorTemperatureRange attribute isn’t found?

Liking SharpTools quite a bit as I work with it. I still had the old app on my phone from years ago (3 or 4?) when it was just some widgets tied to smartthings. It’s come a long way. :slight_smile:

In our testing we found that 2700-7000K was the most common range with 2200-7000K also being a common range… the challenge is that some devices get confused if you send them a color temperature value below what they support.

And since devices can send back a supported color temperature range, we use that on any devices that have an extended color temperature range. That’s why it would be ideal if the device driver reported back the supported range so things would ‘just work’ without any additional configuration needed. :slight_smile:

The Hue bulbs are listed at 2200 to 6500K, but they (at least mine) actually go quite a bit warmer. I can set them to 2200 and then start going lower, and they keep changing down to around 1800. They just ignore any values outside their range.