Mini computer for Blue iris

Does anyone have any recommendations for a mini Pc off Amazon for the US that I can use to run BI off of solely for Wyze cameras to ST dashboards? Anyone done it yet and have preferences?

Hi @nate_powers, welcome to the community. I am running 6 cameras on a Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p Tiny i5-3470T 8GB RAM that I bought used from ebay 3,4 years ago, and it has been running well for me. The only thing I replaced to swap the HDD with a SSD just because I have an extra one. Not really a preference, but just share what I had and hope this helps.

I use an HP EliteDesk 800 G1 (i5-4570t) that I picked up on ebay several years back for ~$220 + shipping. It’s several generations old at this point, so there’s probably newer models available now.

When I was originally shopping, IPCamTalk had a lot of good information on picking a Blue Iris server. It looks like they have a nice wiki article on the topic that you might find helpful:

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What would you guys say the benefits of blue iris are over tinycam pro?

Blue Iris seems to have been built primarily as NVR, so it does a really good job at that. Great recording and history playback features and the things you would expect from an NVR. It works especially well with IP cameras that follow standards like ONVIF / RTSP.

TinyCam seems to have been built primarily as an IP Camera viewer and has evolved to add a ton of neat features since then. It works really well with IP cameras that follow standards like Blue Iris does, but they also have some neat integrations like direct Wyze Cam integration.

If all I’m doing is just putting 6 Wyze cams on a display in my safe room, which is better? Sure I’ll need a little playback but nothing wild.

I don’t currently use Wyze cams, so I can’t speak to it from personal experience, but I’ve followed it a bit on various forums.

There’s a special RTSP firmware that you can load on the Wyze cams to use with Blue Iris… but some people have mentioned that it isn’t the most stable and they occasionally have to reset the Wyze cams that are running RTSP firmware in the Wyze app. I use normal IP cams and they work great with Blue Iris.

TinyCam has direct support for Wyze cams (not officially blessed by Wyze). Using TinyCam to translate the Wyze stream into a format supported by sharptools seems to be a popular solution.

I just noticed a video from SimplySmart123 posted yesterday for setting up TinyCam on Nvidia Shield in details, and think you may be interested to check it out.