Migrating webCoRE Pistons to SharpTools Rule Automations [Video]

For the last few weeks I’ve been in the process of learning SharpTools and migrating my webCoRE pistons over (thanks for all the help so far from everyone). Somethings are a bit different between the two rule engines so I put together a video going over what I’ve learned so far on the differences between webCoRE and SharpTools as well as go over a few examples of recreating pistons in SharpTools.

I figured it might be helpful for those considering switching over or in the process of doing so.


Have you come up with a way to write status messages to a list (battery status below value, contact sensor open/close, etc) and then have that list sent SMS?

Historically, the approach was to concatenate a string to itself with the new additions:

Set Variable $myList = "$myList, New Value"

I suspect it could be done with the new expressions feature that is in beta too which you could do some creative things with. Feel free to PM @support if you want to get added to the beta.

Edit: And thanks for sharing the video, @BeardedTechGuy ! I was thinking that Context Variables could have been a good way to streamline the garage rule, but we probably need to add a context variable to indicate a ‘state stays’ delay somehow. :thinking:


I have not gotten to those pistons yet to convert but I’m leaning towards what Josh said above with the variable.

I honestly haven’t really gotten to context variables yet, but I think I’d agree with needing “state stays” information. Maybe something like “time since last state change”?