Microsoft Teams status integration

Curious to hear if anyone has attempted or made work a tile that would show your status (presence) in Microsoft Teams? I use Teams daily at work as a communication platform and while working from home I am constantly in and out of meetings and phone calls. I would love to have a tile that would display this status but I’m not a developer and not really sure where to being in trying to make this work. Microsoft does make presence information available via their Graph API ( but I’m not sure if and how I could leverage it with SharpTools. Also found this where someone did something similar and has it running on a Raspberry Pi:

Hey @RyGuy - are you using Hubitat or SmartThings? I haven’t heard of anyone who has put together a device handler / driver for Microsoft Teams presence, but in theory someone could write an integration on either Hubitat or SmartThings and then you could expose it in SharpTools.

I’m on SmartThings. Good point. I might post something to the SmartThings forum too and see if I can find someone who already has code for a device handler. Thanks!

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