Meross smart plug

hi im new to this i have meross smart plug with energy monitor i would like to use this energy value to triger anything but i read everything on the site and i cant find how to find any of this artibutes to setup. i try rule engine but when i choice device and what trigger is i have only on or off value cane you help me please what im missing. many thx

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, @drrrr_rrrhh.

Is SmartThings showing the energy values for the Meross device?

If so, can you share the device’s Doc ID with me via private message?

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the … next to your desired location
  3. Scroll down and select the device in question
  4. Flip the ‘Advanced’ toggle in the top-right corner on
  5. Copy and paste the Doc ID into a private message

the smartthings dont show any energy value it show only attribute - switch. but in meross app i can monitor energy values.
many thx

Thanks for the additional details. It sounds like a limitation of the integration between Meross and SmartThings. You might reach out to the Meross team to see if there’s a way to get the Energy values to show in SmartThings or if they have plans to support that at some point.