Media Tile question

Media Tiles have two colors available: Default and Active. How can I select the colors programmatically?

Media Tiles only support the ‘Default’ color. We’ve started updating some of the tiles to remove the ‘Active’ color option if they don’t support it. I’ve made note that the Media Tiles needs to be updated. :smiley:

Can you help us better understand the use case or context for programatically changing the media tile color?

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I have a Media Tile named “Alerts” which points to a dashboard named “Alerts” (surprised?) The Alerts dashboard shows the status of all leak detectors and door-open detectors. I would like to change the media tile red when one of these detectors becomes active.

Similarly, the “Batteries” media tile points to the “Batteries” dashboard which shows the level of the device batteries. I would like to change the media tile to red when any one of the battery levels fell below a certain level.

Those are the two that I’d like for use now. I can think of more.

If a virtual switch could call a dashboard - that would work too. Or if the media tile was accessible by the Rule Engine.

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What do you think? Any chance of ever having access to ‘Active’ color, or will we live forever in a boring, mono-color world for Media Tiles?

I think something along these lines is more likely in the near term. With Variables now in beta, I could see the True/False variable tile being updated with an option to use a Hyperlink as the action.

This would let you use rules to aggregate the status in a Variable, then use that variable as a tile to display the status with the action being a link to your desired dashboard.


That would be a good solution - and a worthy addition!

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I hope I’m not too far off base in what I’m trying to do.

For example:
I’ve created a “Batteries” True/False variable tile, chosen a red fill for True and green for False. Its action is to run a hyperlink that calls the “Batteries” dashboard.

I’ve previously aggregated all of the battery levels and have a rule-driven virtual switch that’s triggered by a change in any of the battery levels, turns on if any level is below 30, and otherwise turns off. That all works.

Now I want to change the state of the True/False variable rather than turn a virtual switch on/off.

My question is - how do a create an Action in Rule Engine that can change the state of the True/False variable

@Stan_Silverman, you can set variable value in Rule Flow using Set Variable action. Select the variable you want to update, and select Manual Input in your scenario to set this variable’s value to True or False.


Great! Thanks!

Suggestion: I added four Variable Tiles to a dashboard. When I went to edit them, they are all nameless, so I can’t tell which is which. I’ve deleted them and will add them one at a time. Would it make sense for the tile to inherit a name from the variable’s name?

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@Stan_Silverman, both True/False and Number variable tiles should display the variable name by default. We found people likely to use a different label for Text variable tile, so variable name is hidden by default for Text variable tile. However, you can always customize the Label property of the tile to display whatever text(title) that makes best sense to you.

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The tiles I added were True/False - I believe. Will play with it some more.

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James - It sure looks like True/False variable tiles are added without names.

That’s interesting. Can you please take a screenshot of the variable tiles in your dashboard and the settings of the variable tile? If you can provide me your dashboard id, I can also look it up as well. Thanks.