Media Tile on Kindle HD

Hello, newbie here. First off, this is awesome! I have been working with a couple new fire HD 8s, my pc and iphone 8 creating sharptools dashboards from my smartthings devices. All is going well with switches, locks, thermos, etc. However I cannot get my kindles to display a camera feed of either a snapshot, http video or rtsp stream. I can see it on my sharptools dashboard on both my pc and iphone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! Glad to hear that you have been enjoying things!

Can you share a bit more detail about your camera setup?

Also, since you mentioned that you can see the feeds on your SharpTools dashboard on your PC and phone, have you triple checked that everything is on the same network? We’ve seen people get surprised in the past that their tablets somehow got on their guest network or another network that didn’t have access to their camera feeds.

Another thing you might try is opening the raw URL to the camera stream / snapshot directly in the Silk browser.

In the meantime, I’m also including a few help desk articles that may be of help:

Thanks for the quick reply. I have confirmed my fires are on the same network. I am using many amcrest hd cameras with an amcrest nvr.

I have put the snapshot and mjpg url into silk and it works but the rtsp from the nvr does not on my fires.

At this point just trying to get a snapshot to work on my fire within sharptools would be great.

Thanks for the help.

The MJPG URL working in Silk is a good step forward. That confirms it’s on the same network as you noted.

I recall someone else saying that their Amcrest NVR limited the number of simultaneous connections, so that might be something to look into as well.

A periodically refreshed image snapshot is a great approach. Once you get that working, you could even setup the Media Tile’s Click Action with a custom hyperlink which would let you open up the MJPEG stream directly or even open up your native Amcrest app.

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