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I use sharptools to view my cctv from blueiris via resource - > media

I. E[port] /mjpg/[camname] ?user=xxxx&pw=xxxx

When I tap the small preview whilst my phone is in portrait mode, I get a fullscreen cam view. But its generally too small, and I’d usually just rotate the phone to get a larger fullscreen feed.

Unfortunately this results in the image being replaced by a landscape view of the dash.

Is there a way of avoiding this? It’s pretty cumbersome.


You might be able to use the Hyperlink Action on the Media Tile and have it point directly to your media stream in a new window (or same window). A common use of this is to use image snapshots or lower resolution streams on your tile and then you can open a full stream (or even an app) when the tile is tapped on.

Hi josh, thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately it’s not an effective workaround.

The initial click to view the media fullscreen from the tile works awesome. If my dash was landscape, it works beautifully.

The issue is the fact that if the media tile is currently being viewed fullscreen, a change in orientation kicks some kind of refresh info play, exiting the fullscreen view and showing the dash again.

All. That’s needed is to have the option to open the media tile fullscreen, in landscape. Or alternatively, allow the fullscreen view to happily flick between portrait and landscape similar to how standard (?) practice for everything on android seems to work.

Is this possible?

I may just rework my dash to be landscape as a workaround. =p

I understand this is the case when you use the default ‘Open Media Fullscreen’ functionality for zooming into the media tile… but if you edit the tile and change the action to ‘Open Hyperlink’ and then use the media resource as the URL and have it Open in New Window as proposed above, then that shouldn’t happen anymore.

Not sure how to select the correct link, to be honest. Using the same string as I use in the hyperlink for the media tile results in a stupendous fail.

Can you clarify what the stupendous fail is? You mean the fact that you have to copy and paste it there? Or it doesn’t work?

Hi josh. I can’t figure out what to actually type in as the ‘link’. If I duplicate the string that’s in the “Create media” settings (i.e the one which seems to work just fine for the standard preview), this doesn’t work at all.

That’s really weird. If it works as the Media URL then it should work fine as a Hyperlink opened in a new window. Are you getting an error message when you tap on the tile or what happens?

standard page not found. happy to give you a crack on teamviewer if you like.

If you want to PM me the dashboard ID, I can take a closer look at the tiles configuration. I would double check the URL that shows up when the new tab is opened for extra spaces and things of that nature.

done. not sure if that’s the info you need…

What device are you testing on? Are you able to open a new browser tab and paste the exact same URL in and it works?

That’s the point, the url doesn’t work - however, it functions wonderfully as a media tile.

Android & windows

Just to be 100% certain, make sure you are testing everything on the same device. When it comes to local media images through something like Blue Iris, the device you are testing from can make all the difference.

I would also check by going to the device where the preview in the Media Item is working as expected and copy the URL from the URL field (of the Media Item from Manage Media) and paste it into the exact same browser window.

exact copy, link does not work.

media tiles - been functioning fine for 2 yrs

This has actually gave me a very good reason to redesign, ground up, landscape.

Long time coming! =p

Thanks for the update! Redesigning for a native landscape view is a reasonable approach!

PS. For anyone else following the thread, we did some troubleshooting via PM and the URL directly to the feed worked as expected on the phone, but the PC doesn’t have access to the media stream (either in a Media Tile or in a Hyperlink) – so the Hyperlink approach is still a reasonable approach.

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I can’t figure out why it doesn’t work on the pc, but does on the phone. Odd. I

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