Media Tile Action (tap) options should include navigation to another dashboard

On my dashboard I have a Media Tile that shows a small snapshot of current/coming weather. Because I have limited space on my dashboard it’s not too big and thus it can’t convey too much information. For that I have a Navigation Tile that allows me to navigate to a different dashboard with multiple Media Tiles that, in agregate, convey all kinds of great info on the current/coming/past weather.

All is good, except, why can’t these two things be one? Why must I, on my main dashboard, have BOTH a Media Tile (for my weather summary) AND a Navigation Tile (to get to my weather details)?

Ergo, my request would be that the Action (tap) options for Media Tiles also include the ability to select Navigation which, if selected, would let me say which other Dashboard I want to navigate to (when that Media Tile is clicked).

Thanks for posting the feature request!

In the meantime, the Media Tile supports linking to other dashboards with the Hyperlink action. Once the Media Tile is configured with a hyperlink action, you can paste in the URL to another dashboard (and configure it as ‘Open in Same Window’). See below for an example:


Thanks! I’ll take advantage of that for now.