Media selected on dashboard load?

Am excited to have my traffic map working. It’s mid-morning Sunday, so not much red yet.

One thing… when the dashboard, and media/image therein, load, the image seems to be selected. It has some colored hue. If I click anywhere on the screen (that is not the image and not the ‘navigate home’ tile) the image is no longer selected/shaded.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

A bit of additional input… The experience I see on the desktop is that the image is “selected” because I just happen to have my cursor over the image when the dashboard loads. The cursor icon is the magnifying glass with a + sign. When I click upon the image I get just the image (and can click again and get back to the dashboard). So I guess on the iPad what I’m seeing is that default “we think the cursor’s over this image” and that’s what’s causing the bluish tint. It’d be cooler (in my opinion) if it didn’t but for sure this is a first world problem.

Where are you pulling the traffic map from. The wife would love to have that.

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A second piece of additional input, if anyone else cares about this… I switched the Additional Options > Action (Tap) to ‘Refresh Media’ and now the map loads in full/proper color glory. All is right with the world.

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