Media item at unsecured URL

My media item at a certain URL is not displaying in Sharptools. It displays fine in the browser directly, but not in sharptools. I don’t know if this is related to the issue with Chrome blocking unsecured media now. Even after I disable blocking for that URL in Chrome’s settings, I still have the issue, so not sure if that’s the culprit. Any recommendations on how to figure out the issue?

What type of device is this on? And can you share more details about what you’ve tried? (screenshots would likely help)

Just using my Dell desktop for testing purposes. With Chrome browser.

As you can see, the media item is broken when previewed. And when trying to load from a dashboard.

But it works fine when typed into the browser address bar directly.

Does that give you enough additional detail to help?

Thanks for the additional details and the note that the image works when opened directly in your browser.

Can you clarify what action you took here?

On Chrome for mobile, you have to allow insecure images per origin (eg. per media item), but on Chrome for desktop you allow insecure images for the app domain (eg. SharpTools).

(Screenshots of the process are in the thread you linked to)

Ah! I did it backwards. I allowed insecure images on the image source domain, not the Sharptools domain. Now that I allowed Sharptools to show insecure content, it’s working. Thanks!