Media for Rule Tile or Rule on Media Click?

New here… Sorry if this is a dumb question.
I don’t know if this is a feature request or it exists already.
I want to have give a rule tile a media image instead of an icon to look pretty… or have a media tile execute a rule on click… is this possible?

Hi @Brett_Jernigan, welcome to the community! You can create a Media Tile using the desired image, and set this media tile’s tap action to Open Hyperlink, and use the $.runRule("XXX") syntax to execute a rule when the tile is tapped. See screenshot below for example.

You can find more details about running the rule using $.runRule("XXX") syntax in this post. The Rule ID is the last section of the URL when editing the rule, and please note that the double-quotes are
straight double quotes ". ( not and )

Thank you so much! It’s pretty awesome how responsive you guys are here, thanks again!