Manage connections in Sharptools vs. the Sharptools SmartApp

Do I no longer need to add a new “thing” inside of the Sharptools SmartApp that appears in the automations tab of ST? It seems that when I add a new device to ST, I do have to re-run the Manage Connections button inside the View Account section in Sharptools before I can add the “thing” to my dashboard. I’ve been doing both to be safe. But is the SmartApp no longer going to be required? That is, will it be going away with all the other DTH stuff?

For users who had a ‘legacy’ Groovy SmartThings connection, once you’ve transitioned to the next-generation connection, the system no longer uses the SmartApp at all. It’s only kept in place for people who were also using our Tasker Plugins / Widgets – if you’re not using those, you can safely remove the SmartApp.

Using the Manage Connections button on your SharpTools User Page is the best way to kick off a device-sync today. :slight_smile: