Making a Streamdeck under Sharptools

I was thinking I might play around and make a Streamdeck using Sharptools on a Kindle. Streamdeck is used by web streamers but is increasingly popular with those of us that spend our day on video conferences.

I am trying to think about the easiest way to map a button onto functions on the desktop. I use a Mac so looking at tools that can issue keystrokes but need to figure out how to trigger them.

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Seems like a neat concept. So the idea is to have a tablet nearby that would display a SharpTools dashboard and you could tap on a tile to have it do something on the Mac nearby?

It’s been many years since I’ve played with it, but EventGhost was a popular automation tool for Windows that could be used for automations like this. In theory, you could create SharpTools Rules that sent various Pushbullet messages or a custom device in SmartThings or Hubitat to send network commands to the PC and then react to those in EventGhost to perform automations on the PC.

I’m not sure if there’s something quite like EventGhost for Mac. If you find something, please feel free to update the post! :slight_smile: