Makes By Mike USB power cables

I know we have some long time users of the Makes By Mike frames/power cables. Has anyone had trouble with failing USB cables? I have 4 dashboards, all framed with MBM, and the oldest’s started loosing power pretty quickly. I troubleshot everything, finally swapping a cable from my youngest’s frame.
After that, it started charging normally. Swapped the old one into the newer one, started losing power.

100% confident it’s the cable. I re-soldered the contacts, but that didn’t solve the issue. Checking my other tablet’s batteries, they all seem to be gradually losing charge, so I’m thinking all of the USB cables start failing slowly over time.

Anyone else notice something like this?

I have five of his power cables (no frames) running on Fire HD8 tablets around the house. They have worked flawlessly for two years now.

On a related topic, I ‘power cycle’ the tablets rather than leaving them on all the time with a routine that turns on the power for four hours and off for four hours - just to exercise the battery.

I’m hoping it’s just a one-off, but the slowly declining battery % on the others is concerning.

The oldest is right at 2yrs now.

I might consider a shelly or a something behind the outlet - I’m running them from the USB-a port on combo outlets.