Make FKB Ignore Certain Rules

I am going to be having several tablets around the house. I’m wanting to know if my mobile “media” tablet can be set to ignore certain load URL Rules? Is this possible.

With FKB you send the loadUrl command to each device right? Can’t you just not send the command to the device you dont want to control?

Chris, the problem is I have two tablets running basically the same dashboard and I’m using a rule that when a happens load this dashboard. My third tablet will just be medai and I don’t know how to not have it load the URL. Unless I don’t use FKB on it.

Can you share a screenshot of the rule? It would normally tell a specific tablet to open a URL (eg. it targets the tablet, not the dashboard that’s displayed).

This is my current setup.

‘FKB Controller’ should be an individual device/tablet, so it shouldn’t impact any new tablets that are added to your network.

So my second wall dashboard will just have to have the FKB rule added to it but not my third mobile tablet?

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Yeah, you could add the second tablet to that same Rule and just not add the third.

Thanks Josh, it had been a while since I added FKB and forgot it was unique to each device. Got it set up now. I appreciate it!

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