Mail notification and reset

I have a door open/close sensor inside my mailbox that lets me know that mail has been delivered. That part works great and I have a notification that plays on my Alexa and turns a light blue above my stairs. I would also like to have the announcement repeat every 30 minutes or 1 hour until I go out to get the mail. Once the door is open again, it should reset the automation for the next day. I tried looking for something like this in the community but did not find anything. Has someone already done this or can someone suggest how to build this. Thanks.

I did it in three pieces.

1 - Initialize variable each morning

2 - Send notification when mail received and reset variable

3 - Check at 8 pm to see if the mail was retrieved, as determined by whether or not the variable was reset. In your case, you can loop the same thing, testing the variable as I do at 8 pm.

This should get you started.


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