Low Battery Rule

I am trying to setup a rule that sends an email when the battery is equal or below 25%. I have had it trigger based on time, and based just on the battery status. Neither are working. Now one thing to note, the battery was below 25% before I made the rule. Will that make a difference?

The battery percentage needs to change for it to trigger.
You could share a screenshot of the rule for easier trouble shooting if that’s not the issue.

Definitely, so when it goes from 11 - 10 it should send it right? Since it started out at 11 when I made the rule.

You need something actually in the Trigger(s) section for the rule to go off.

Thinking the same. If that’s a contact sensor on a gate that is used regularly, predicate on when the contact changes to open. So when the contact changes to open, if battery < X then . . . .

If that won’t work, pick anything else that trips regularly and predicate the check on that.

Or, everyday at X, IF . . . then . . .

Makes complete sense, so I added a timer trigger. Still no luck. Here is the rule, thanks!