Losing Connection to Camera

On my dashboards (Fire HD 10 using Fully) I have my camera feeds displayed in a media tile. They are connected via a Hikvision NVR. I’ve got past all of the usual issues with use of RTSP streams and username:password in the url. I did this by getting a Raspberry Pi and adding the Hikvision stream urls to Motioneye on the Pi. Motioneye then provides urls that I point the media tile to (much the way you could do it with Blue Iris web server). In the main this is working great but…

…on an almost daily basis, I lose the camera in the media tile on just one of the two tablets (always the same tablet). No errors are displayed - I simply have a blank media tile with nothing in it. Everything else on the tablet is up to date - the clock tile, weather tile, all tiles show up to date status of devices and everything functioning as normal, so it’s not losing its wifi/internet connection. Refreshing the page by “goto start url” in Fully brings it back. The media tiles on both Fires point to the same url (as they are showing the same camera) so I’m struggling to understand it.

Any ideas how I can diagnose this issue - I’m baffled

Edit: I’ll try the auto refresh and hopefully that’ll keep it running (though doesn’t explain the issue)

Hi @John_Williamson, it’s possible to be caused by a network hiccup that the video streams was interrupted in a short period, so the camera view is gone, but all other tiles still work as expected. And it seems you are trying the auto-refresh already, which would be the first thing I’d suggest as it can be difficult to troubleshoot the wifi network issue.


Not my issue, but I would verify WiFi strength at each tablets location. When your pushing streams, you’ll need a solid signal. The other tiles are not reliant on the same bandwidth.
I’m sure you know, but use an android (or fire tablet) and run a WiFi analytic.
I’ve also encountered similar issues when I tried using a netgear extender in my shop to bridge my WiFi and still support video tiles.