Looking for implementation inspiration

I wish to have my main/landing dashboard split to 2 sections:

1st section:

  • Contains “container tiles” which are actually kind of “virtual device switch” that gather all controlled modules of a specific area/room.

  • For example areas are Bedroom / Kitchen / Living Room, and Bedroom contains the switches and/or other controlled equipment in room.

  • Each tile will glow if ANY of its contained devices is ON. If none of its devices is ON, it will not glow/have different icon graphic to indicate “ALL OFF”. This can give me in a glace the overall house activation status.

  • Operationally, pressing on each tile/item should invoke ON/OFF command for all its contained devices, OFF - if the tile is ON (which means at least one item withing room is ON), or ON - if tile is OFF (and then all items shall be set ON upon click).

The 2nd section of this “main dashboard” is trivial, and contains links to the specific room/area dashboard to selectively control concrete devices.

Obviously 2nd section is obvious, the challenge is on implementing section 1. :slight_smile:

Any ideas will be welcomed!

I like the idea of the first Area! It sounds similar to what I have in my bedroom. I have 3 scenes from smartthings for my master bedroom. Each scene controlled by a virtual switch on sharp tools. Plus a master lights switch that turns on if any of the devices are on. Turning it off turns any on to off.
I did this through the if/then rule tree in the rule engine. Just changed the trigger from all, to any.

I used the devices as triggers, not the virtual switches controlling the scenes.


Thanks for sharing, @Alex_Burrows!

@James posted details on a similar approach using virtual devices to aggregate status using the Rule Engine in the following post:

I would also note that with the newest beta features, you could use a true/false variable in place of the virtual devices - making this a bit easier to setup.

We also just added a new feature to the Variable tiles (in beta) this evening that enables you to change the action of the tile to Hyperlink. I believe this will help you achieve the full vision of what you are looking to do as you can choose to either make the ‘container’ tiles run a Rule which toggles the lights in the ‘container’ on/off accordingly (using the new $.runRule("RULEID") syntax)… or even just use it as a normal hyperlink to navigate to another dashboard showing all the lights in the ‘container’.


@Alex_Burrows & @Roy_Kfir, just wanted to let you know the Variables feature has been released to SharpTools.io today, including the support of triggering rule execution by tapping the variable tiles using the $.runRule("RULEID") syntax. So you can leverage the "True/False" variable to aggregate the switches’ status without the need of virtual switch.

See the post below for more details, and let me know if you have any questions. :wink:


@James, @josh - the combination of the rule engine and variables is awesome!

It would be nice to be able to set the icon glow/not glow according to variable’s value. This way this “virtual switch” is perfectly implemented.