Logitech Harmony Status not updating

First of all, great community :+1:t2: .
I’m not sure if this problem has anything to do with Sharptools but maybe someone has the same problem.
If i switch my TV on or off from the Harmony app it self, everything works fine. But if i switch the tv off from the tv remote the Harmony app still shows the TV is ON…basically it doesn’t reflect the status of the TV being on or off. And of course same thing happens in Sharptools, if the TV is Off it Shows that it’s on in Sharptools.
Hopefully it makes sense :laughing:

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Harmony remotes are focused around a concept of ‘activities’ and only know the expected state of the devices based on the current activity. Unfortunately, if a device is adjusted outside of the Harmony activity (eg. TV turned off, A/V Receiver Input changed), the Harmony app isn’t aware of that change.

Some TVs have direct integrations with SmartThings - I think it’s just newer Samsung TVs officially, but there have been some community developed integrations for LG and other models.