Lock Thing On Dashboard Operation

I added a lock thing button on a dashboard. A little confused as to how its supposed to work. I am assuming its a toggle either lock or unlock depending on current state. But it seems to be a little flaky not always doing that. Just need a little clarification.

Yes, the lock sends a virtual ‘toggle’ command. If the lock is reporting its state as locked, it uses the ‘unlock’ command (and vice versa).

What platform is the lock connected to (Hubitat or SmartThings) and what device driver is being used?

Its on Hubitat. Using the stock driver. I just got it set up today and maybe need to do a little more testing. I’m thinking it might be a slow status update.

I had quite a bit of trouble getting my locks to report consistently on Hubitat. I ended up buying another Z-Wave device with beaming support and it helped quite a bit.

I’ve still seen Hubitat report the wrong state a few times even with the addition of the repeater. And it sounds like we are not alone if you read through the Hubitat community. :yum:

Some of those posts on Hubitat are mine. I had a whale of a problem getting it to work. Never had that issue with ST.

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