Lock Kiosk mode on iOS?

Is there anything akin to the “Guided Access” restrictions on iOS when viewing the SharpTools dashboard in full kiosk mode? For example, if i have a mounted ipad tablet (say as a replacement to a typical alarm panel at my front door), I would like to lock the SharpTools full kiosk display so you can’t hit the home button and get out of it.

It is possible to do something SIMILAR to this using the iOS “Guided Access” function, however, that does not work in the full kiosk mode because the only accessible button to exit kiosk mode is the home button, which is required to exit guided access. The 3-dots button in the lower right corner does not show in the full kiosk mode.

Using the normal view mode, you can use guided access to restrict the top menu bar and the 3-dots menu button, but that still leaves them showing on the screen with oddly highlited ovals of the restrictions.

Maybe you could add a tile that is specifically designed to toggle kiosk mode, and have a security pin on it. To exit kiosk mode, the user can tap the tile and enter the PIN. This tile could sit in the same place as the 3-dots menu button, since that does not appear in the kiosk mode.

We don’t have the normal/kiosk model toggle tile at this point, but you can add a couple hyper link tiles in the dashboard and PIN protect them. So you can tap either one to switch the mode. See screenshot below that you can enable the kiosk mode by adding ?kiosk=true in the end of your dashboard URL, and exit the kiosk mode by adding ?exitKiosk=true in the end of the dashboard URL.



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