Lock codes in Sharptools?

Can the rule engine use the lock code from a lock to initiate an action.

Example: if my wife unlocks the door with her code it turns on certain lights

@Jake_Mohl_ehoba, the lock code info is not exposed in any attribute, but only in the data property of the event. Using the information in the data property as the trigger is not currently supported in Rule Engine though. You may be interested to check RBoy’s enhanced z-wave lock device handler, which may support what you are trying to achieve.

Hmmm. The rule engine looks a lot like webcores rule engine. So I was just curious as if it had the same abilities. I’m not looking for the code itself but just the slot in which it occupies.


I see that that I can see the event_data via sharptools as a tasker plugin. I will use this until or if you add that option to the rule engine.



@James do you guys have any kind of time frame in witch the event data may be available for use in the rule engine?

@Jake_Mohl_ehoba, we don’t have a timeline for supporting the data property of an event in Rule Engine, but I’d encourage you to post and vote in the Feature Request category, and please be specific in describing the use case so others can vote as well, which would help us better understand the interests. :wink:

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