Location services “find my friends”

Hello, I’m wondering is there a app like apple’s “find my friends” that I can integrate as a tile to show where people in my house are at?


Life360 is very well known and works fantastic with smartthings. I’ve not seen a way to make a tile out of it. Maybe @josh knows something I don’t.


This something I would love to see. A user has written a great bit of code for Hubitat’s dashboard tiles, that provides a lot of Life360 information, including life360 user account picture and actual location. Looks great on a dashboard. The Hubitat dashboard is not a patch on SharpTools though, so I don’t use it.

I’m guessing it’s not a simple ask or even possible, so I’m also guessing it would need a lot of SharpTools users to want it for it to be looked into. But I for one would love to see something great for Life360 for SharpTools.


@josh - would something like this be possible through Life360? To show how far a person in from home? Or even show a map of where they are?

Potentially. Life360 doesn’t have an open API, but it does seem like they have a private API.

You might try reaching out to Life360’s support to let them know you’re interested in a SharpTools.io integration. The more people that reach out Life360, the more likely they are to engage with us! :smiley:

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Just wondering if there was any progress with this and if many people reached out to Life360 support?
I’ve just send them a message to see what they say…

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I have used the Life360 on Hubitat as well, and when I look at the device in SharpTools it does show all of the attributes from that HE device, but all except presence and battery are grayed out. Is there no way to expose those attributes in SharpT tile? this limitation of attribute exposure is one of the reasons I am not finding SharpT to be as useful as the (harder to design) HE dashboards.

Hi @Mark_Madigan, welcome to the SharpTools community. You can display any of the supported attributes from your Life360 device by changing the tile layout to “Hero Attribute”. :grinning: By default, the “presence” is used as it’s the most common use case. The grayed out attributes in the device page just mean that their events are not subscribed as they are not used in any dashboard or rule yet.

See Change tile layout: custom attributes and alternative layouts article for more details.

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