Location services “find my friends”

Hello, I’m wondering is there a app like apple’s “find my friends” that I can integrate as a tile to show where people in my house are at?


Life360 is very well known and works fantastic with smartthings. I’ve not seen a way to make a tile out of it. Maybe @josh knows something I don’t.


This something I would love to see. A user has written a great bit of code for Hubitat’s dashboard tiles, that provides a lot of Life360 information, including life360 user account picture and actual location. Looks great on a dashboard. The Hubitat dashboard is not a patch on SharpTools though, so I don’t use it.

I’m guessing it’s not a simple ask or even possible, so I’m also guessing it would need a lot of SharpTools users to want it for it to be looked into. But I for one would love to see something great for Life360 for SharpTools.


@josh - would something like this be possible through Life360? To show how far a person in from home? Or even show a map of where they are?

Potentially. Life360 doesn’t have an open API, but it does seem like they have a private API.

You might try reaching out to Life360’s support to let them know you’re interested in a SharpTools.io integration. The more people that reach out Life360, the more likely they are to engage with us! :smiley:

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Just wondering if there was any progress with this and if many people reached out to Life360 support?
I’ve just send them a message to see what they say…

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