Location Mode / STHM / Presence Sensor: Use Cases

Looking for sample use cases yall are using with Location Mode / STHM / Presence Sensors.

I currently have only ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE rules defined based on Life360 presence sensors, that LOCK/UNLOCK doors.

Always looking for great new ideas! …and I just set up the STHM (switches & automations). And haven’t used the Location Modes for anything yet…

Thanks for sharing!

I tried tasker so far, this thing is so complicated

I use smartthings with my phone and a virtuel presence sensor (edge) but its not that reliable
So still trying to find a way too…

I don’t use the actual location modes but instead use virtual switches labeled as modes to restrict things from happening (Home, Away, Vacation, Bedtime).

Here’s a couple of examples.

Motion turns on lights but only if Home is on.
(one of my dogs figured out that if he jumps in front of the motion sensor the light turns on. He only does it when I’m not home. He thinks it a fun game :joy:)

Home is defined as anyone is home
Away is defined as everyone is gone

If Vacation is on, set themostate to vacation settings (so it doesn’t run as often)

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Same as above, I don’t use the actual home modes, but a variable. I have one for myself and my wife. Some rules run depending on both our states, some only one. For example, my wife is still in bed, I leave for work, so the lights go off when I turn myself to away. When she comes down and sets herself present, depending on the outside lights (they are time managed), lights turn back on. In the evening, if we both are away, the lights don’t come on, untill one of us comes home.

I can set either of us to present, away, sleeping.

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