Locally stored Background Image

Is it possible to use a locally stored image as the dashboard background? Using a Fire HD 10. Been frustrated with google photos image being unable to connect after a 24 hr period (have been using the true image url – right click and image address)

Thanks in advance!

You can use an image stored on your LAN. For example, if you have a NAS or an always on PC.

Got it, thanks! So it has to be some sort of hyperlink even if it is “local”

Any idea how to solve the google photos problem? It works perfectly fine on PC Chrome browser, but the same dashboard on FKB on Fire HD 10, gives the “error loading image @&(&%(@#”

@Dev_SS, have you checked the thread below for using the image from Google Photo. I would guess the link you used previously was pointing to the image in the Google Photo “web page”, not to the image itself directly.

@James, thank you. I did go through that and the image (and dashboard) loads perfectly fine on Chrome on a PC. However, on FKB on HD 10, it gives that error. Has anything to do with the android web view issue with Fire OS?

Can you try this other approach by creating a share link of your image in Google Photo, open the link and copy the image address instead?

So this is what happens if I do share link and that url

  • thumbnail in Media Resources: error
  • Chrome: error
  • FKB on Fire HD 10: error

This is what happens when using true image URL

  • thumbnail in Medial Resources: looks good
  • Chrome: looks good
  • FKB on Fire HD 10: error

I am getting this working every time I load any dashboard on FKB on the tablet, not sure if it matters: “be aware of outdated android webview”

really appreciate all the help!

So for the URL, use the local NAS ip address + path to the image?

I created simple python script to randomly copy one of the stored images I have in a folder to background.jpg every hour.

Depends on what NAS you have, I just did a quick test on my QNAP and I was able to get the photo url by selecting “Open” from my QNAP’s file manager.

The format is like this.


Got it. I can make it work as long as it can access locally stored image. Thanks!

Could you explain how to create a Url to a image on a always on PC


You would need some sort of HTTP File Server. From a quick Google search, there’s a few options:

Thanks, strangle it works on every device connected to our network, but when added into SharpTools as a background it fails.

Without more details, I can only guess at the problem. Most likely a Mixed Content / SSL issue based on the limited description.

Ok, so Http won’t work it has to be Https?

The thread I linked in my last reply answers that question and includes approaches you can take.